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Concept of Value Broking:

If Price is what You Pay, Value is what You Get. Working always on our Vision of “Value Creation”, we at VACHANA have pioneered the concept of “VALUE BROKING” for the 1st time ever in the broking industry. Value Broking aims at creating deep Margin of Safety to all our clients by providing the Best Service at the least possible Cost . If Broking industry was earlier led by Service Brokers who focused on servicing client at a higher cost, now it is the time for Discount brokers who have cut brokerages substantially but at the cost of Service. In discount broking clients saved brokerage but still gave back everything to markets in term of their trading/investment losses. Now we at Vachana, as “Value Brokers” want to create VALUE to our Customers by providing the Best Service at a comparable least possible cost to create a better VALUE than a Service or Discount broker.

We distinguish ourselves from a Service broker by providing the best market research assistance based on client’s turnover and category. Tailor made research assistance is provided ABSOLUTELY FREE depending on Clients ACTIVENESS, at a brokerage lower than a Service Broker. As a Value Broker we fill in the vacuum created by Discount Brokers, by ensuring best trading platform, better margins/exposure to Intraday/Positional traders, and timely market data to active online traders.

Value Broking Vs Service Brokers:

  • Best Research assistance categorised on Client Profile, Activeness, Requirement, etc
  • Better Exposure/margin for Intraday and Positional trade.
  • Higher Dealer to Client Ratio.
  • Better trading/investing Platform.
  • Lower Brokerage Costs compared to Service brokers.

Value Broking Vs Discount Brokers:

  • Better Exposure/margin for Intraday and Positional trade.
  • Better Trading Platform.
  • Provides necessary macro/micro data in time for active traders to assist in research.
  • Lower Brokerage costs compared to Discount brokers.

As a Value Broker we act as both a Service Broker and a Discount Broker taking all its benefits and minimising the drawbacks.

Vachana Services as a Value Broker:

We have four main Services based on Clients requirement and suitability:

  • Vachana Service Delight - VSD
  • Vachana Discount Delight - VDD
  • Vachana Investment Delight - VID
  • Vachana Gold Delight - VGD

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How important is Market Research Assistance to a Client?

Many Experienced traders save lots of brokerage but by falling prey to discount broking, they over trade and due to poor market research, lack of time, no knowledge of what the smart money is doing etc, the brokerage saved is all paid back to markets as their losses. Do understand before saving brokerage, one has to first look at saving capital.

How Important is Higher Margin and Exposure to a Client?

Many day traders lose money due to forced square-off of positions by Discount brokers due to lack of Margins and they see the next day stock moving in  their favour. A profitable trade gets converted to a losing trade due to lack of adequate margin and exposure. We at Vachana offer that extra time and cushion to client based on their track record and credibility.

Ex: A trader with a Capital of Rs.1,00,000/- takes 5 times exposure with the broker and is allowed to trade for a sum of Rs.5,00,000/- for intraday. He buys 5,000 quantity of a share for Rs.100/- with 5 times exposure. Later at the closing hours if the share is at Rs.95/-, the discount broker cuts the position mercilessly and the client makes a loss of 5,000 qty x Rs.5/- = Rs.25,000/- and pays only Rs.40 brokerage whereas with a broker like us who gives 1-2 days credit to carry positions, the client covering the position at Rs.105/- makes a profit of Rs.25,000/- instead of huge loss with a discount broker. Even though he pays us slightly higher brokerage under Vachana Service Delight (VSD) compared to a discount broker, he save a huge loss of over 25% on his trading capital. Now it is left to the active trader to decide whether he wants to lose 25% of capital to save brokerage cost or other way round.  

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