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reviews on vachana investments


We always beleived in Rudramurthy sir and so too Vachana, who have never disappointed us.

reviews on vachana securities

M P Manju

Client to dealer ratio is very comfortable in Vachana.

complaints on vachana investments

Uma H S

There are no hidden charges in Vachana and they are very transparent.

complaints on rudramurthy

Ravikiran G S

Vachana under the apt leadership of Rudramurthy has grown leaps and bounds.

reviews on rudramurthy

R Vani

Customer is always the king pin in Vachana.

feedback on vachana investments

Manoj Kumar G

Vachana is the only Broking Co, which conducts training programs for new investors and traders.

vachana investments review


High accurate nifty calls with great risk reward ratio.

vachana investments complaints


RUDRAOLOGY SYSTEM is the best for traders.

vachana investments reviews

Bayar Harishchandra

I was looking for the broker who educates, who guides, and above all, keep up their promises done while opening de-mat and trading account, after being a client of 2 years, I can say now they have kept apt broking company name as Vachana (means promise) investments and wish they carry forward the same service till infinity.

complaints about vachana investments

Prajwal Haladi

Nilkamal from 300 to 2000, Shilpa Medicare from 100 to 1400, I am happy I bought Nilkamal and still holding, however I missed shilpa Medicare's full benefit, I exited at 350. Still remember your research team told me to hold, but I lacked patience, but this time I am not missing in Nilkamal, thank you Rudramurthy sir and Vachana investments research team.

vachana investments professional trader

V G Praveen

I am a Professional trader; I am in the stock market industry for the last 15 years. Have not seen the accuracy your research team is providing in Nifty and Bank Nifty Index calls till now. I have 2 existing Demat and trading account, Vachana Investments was 3rd Demat trading account of mine and based on my research & review, I recommend all traders in the markets, if you don't have a trading account in Vachana you are missing the traders delight. Check out yourself !

vachana investments good review

M. Shivaram

Have learned markets knowledge form Vachana Investments, now I am eagerly waiting one stock to buy in my life – its Vachana investments – Request the management now itself to allocate shares to me in your IPO activity – The best investment we should make is on those companies who are exceeding the expectation – Vachana is in to this league, they have exceeded my expectations.

negative review about vachana investments

Pratap Chandra Shetty

The Trading tools and technology are important, but we need to remember platform alone will not fetch returns, the platform provider will become rich not the traders, so we need to know where we buy and where we sell, where to take profit and loss, the catch 22 is profit should be big and the loss should be less. If this one strategy is taken care my broker – I will open an account, without any questions asked - I got this commitment from Vachana Investments. What else you require?

positive review about vachana investments

Shriharsha HS

The best part of Vachana Investments is they are from NAMMA State – But the bestest part is they have the commitment - they take care of our investments as their own investments and provide the service .This makes me feel Proud of Vachana Investments and much more that they are from My State Karnataka! Take our state name to the entire country and world. All the best to the Vachana Team.

complaints about vachana investments

Syed Jeelani

There are many active traders in markets looking for cheapest brokerage and best technology. I too agree they are important. But is it more important than profits and growing capital? What is the use of saving brokerage and paying back everything to markets as losses? I want to be in a different league. Vachana is the best platform for all active traders.

review about vachana investments


I am a retired government employee, when I went to enquire in Vachana Investments office, about account opening, their advice was do not invest all your money in equities ,I was surprised but also felt they were right after understanding about my profile . I told them in their office and I want to share that now, revenue is core to the business, but humanity with profit is heart of the business. Vachana is a great broker for taking care of capital safety of old aged people like me.

positive review vachana investments

Bhuvaneshwari Shetty

I am a SIP investor in stock markets and Vachana provides me the best service in terms of good stocks to buy in SIP for long term investments. My portfolio is full of multi bagger stocks like Shilpa medicare, Nilkamal, JM Financial, Chola Finance, Edelweiss, Delta Corp and many more. I am very happy on the service for that I'm giving my review about Vachana.

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