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Account Opening Documents required:
  • Two copies of PAN CARD
  • Two copies of Address proof (Either Voter ID or Aadhar card or DL or Bank Statement or BSNL landline bill latest)
  • Two copies of latest 7 months Bank Statement with front page
  • Three Cheque leaf of same bank A/c whose statement is given as above
  • Two passport photos

All the above photocopy of documents have to be self attested and couriered to us with application and client profiling form. For In-Person verification, originals can be shown in person or through skype and complete the necessary formalities.

If documents are in order, we can open a/c within 20 min also.
You are not transferring money to me. You are opening demat and trading a/c in your own name with us who is a registered stock broker with NSE. You are not giving cash but you are transferring money to your own demat & trading a/c through account paying cheque.
There is no fixed return in stock markets. It all depends on the risk, time period and market conditions. For investments fair returns of 25-30% pa can be expected for low risks and in trading you can expect monthly 25-30% too but that comes with higher risk.
Value Brokerage is a unique concept pioneered for the first time by Vachana where we want to give the best service at the least possible cost. Through our Financial freedom plan, we will give a trader brokerage lower than his existing broker and for investor we will provide him the best multi-bagger picks to suit his requirements.
There is no minimum or maximum investment amount in stock markets. You can invest 50,000 or even 5lakhs or any amount. Depends on the Share you are buying and its quantity. For Example you want to buy Infosys now trading at Rs.1,000/-, 50 shares, you require Rs.50,000/-. You can buy as low as 1qty of share too.
Like Rudramurthy sir facebook fanpage Rudramurthy C A for regular market updates and also on course announcement. We will also note your number and will send you sms whenever Free Camp or Paid Courses are scheduled. Investor Camps are generally done in Bangalore. Very rarely it might be done at different places which can be nearby to you. One has to wait for the same.
Successful trading comes with market learning and experience. We advocate you to take the right advice from our research team and learn from your mistakes. You should know when to exit a stock even before you decide to buy it. Open account with us and we will help you out from our research team.
Place is never a constraint for opening demat/trading a/c. Funds can be transferred through RTGS or Cheque, we will send application form to your mail or we can courier the application forms too and your money is as safe as opening it at your place as it is there in your OWN demat & Trading a/c and all transactions happen through a/c payee cheque only.
We don’t provide research calls to those who are not our clients. You can Open account with us and get brokerage lower than your current stock broker with FREE research assistance too. For general market updates you can track sir’s facebook fanpage Rudramurthy C A and also watch his TV programs regularly.
Accuracy differs based on market conditions. About 90% accuracy is maintained on research calls. But one should understand to follow research calls strictly in terms of targets, stop loss, entry price etc and follow them and it is very important to make sure that whenever there is loss suffered it should be minimized and the profit gained should be maximized.
For Intraday, all positions taken under MIS will be auto squared off between 3.15 to 3.30pm. Market to market losses exceeding 70% of balance may lead to exiting of open positions. Also based on current stock holdings, we may provide you adhoc margin for intraday trades. For futures under client requirement, we may give only SPAN MARGIN for intraday whereas for positional or carry forward trade, complete margin has to be maintained. NO EXTRA EXPOSURE is given in case of Options trade.
Portfolio management service comes with a minimum ticket size of Rs.25lakhs or more. We don’t provide direct PMS as we are not registered PMS provider. However we provide special research assistance and all necessary market updates for our High networth clients who open a/c for ticket size of 25lakhs or above.
Suggestion on stock holdings can be given only after understanding your timeframe, risk levels, weightage of stock in your portfolio etc. Open account with us and transfer all your shares here. We will get your complete portfolio analysed by our Research team FREELY.
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