• Do you want to make Rs.50,000 to Rs.30,00,000 in less than a month!
  • How to earn returns of over 100% by intraday trading in futures and Options!
  • Are you interested to earn 3-5% monthly returns using Option strategies?
  • Do you like to Hedge your stock portfolio in a bearish market through Futures & Options to avoid big losses?
  • Do you like to become Financially FREE and earn massive source of Passive income through FNO markets?


Attend the 2 Days Intensive “DERIVATIVE MASTERY PROGRAM” by CA Rudra murthy!

ON 25th and 26th August of 2018.

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R U Worried

  Are you frustrated, worried and angry because

  • You are losing every time when you trade in futures and Options?
  • You are unable to identify the trend and the clear direction of the markets?
  • Stop losses are getting hit often and you are unable to trade profitably?
  • Your accuracy of trades is very poor and you are lacking conviction to trade in fno?
  • You are confused on when to trade in Futures and when in Options?
  • You are unable to identify when market is trading with momentum and when it is sideways?
  • You are unable to make big money on Expiry strategies?
  • You are unable to make consistent profits writing or selling Options?
  • Are you facing difficulty in knowing the clear entry, target, stop loss and the correct timeframe?
  • You are finding it tough to understand the practical concepts of fno markets?
  • You are experienced in fno markets but still losing money?
  • You bought Calls and still lost when markets actually moved up?
  • You bought Puts and still lost when markets actually came down?
  • You are failing to identify when to buy Calls and when to Sell Calls?
  • You are failing to identify when to buy Puts and when to Sell Puts?
  • You are confused on when to use which Option strategies?
  • You are unable to understand the right strike price and expiry to choose while trading options?
  • When to buy In the money, At the money and Out of the money Options?
  • How are Options priced? How to profit from price difference in Options?
  • Option Greeks looks like real Greek and Latin?
  • You are unable to trade successfully Nifty, Bank nifty and stock options?
  • You are unable to profit from arbitrage opportunities in fno markets?
  • You lack understanding of how to Hedge using futures and Options?
  • You want to know when to position size big and when not?
  • Do you lack understanding of how to successfully trade options and make unlimited wealth?

Are you struggling with these problems and want to get rid of them?

CALL Mr.Deepak @ 9663 258 258 NOWWWW!

R U Worried


  • This is a practical result oriented workshop.
  • There will be extensive Examples, Exercises and Practical cases to ensure that the concepts are clearly understood and implemented by participants.
  • You will walk out with a clear understanding and detailed ACTION PLAN of HOW TO PROFITABLY TRADE in DERIVATIVES MARKET..

R U Worried


  • Creating UNLIMITED WEALTH by profitably trading in futures and options with small Capital.
  • To profitably trade on Expiry days for making returns of over 100% intraday.
  • Knowing ALL secrets of FNO trading used by CA Rudra murthy for his personal trades.
  • To earn fixed income of 3-5% per month through Option writing/selling.
  • To Protect Stock portfolio from losses in a falling market using Hedging techniques.


  • Create Massive sources of Passive Income through trading Futures and Options profitably.
  • Achieve your financial goals in the quickest possible time by taking appropriate leverage.
  • Get out of your boring job and work from where ever you want to.
  • Answer none of your bosses and be your own boss of fno markets.
  • Spend time on what you want and achieve your financial freedom.
  • Get the highest possible returns on your trading carrier as never before through right fno trades.
  • Benefit from market volatility and learn how to trade the trend and sideways markets.
  • Get out of your debt trap and create unlimited wealth for you and your loved ones.
  • Manage your funds yourself and earn optimal returns on your portfolio.
  • Enjoy Wealth, Health and Happiness to you and your family forever.


  • You will know whether to trade in Futures or Options depending on the market situation.
  • Right FNO strategy for right market condition.
  • Leverage benefit and times to leverage or not.
  • Proper risk management and protection of capital.
  • Right entry, target and stop loss levels.
  • How to select the right time frame which gives maximum profits.
  • How to use techniques like Open interest, Put Call ratio etc for maximising the returns.
  • When and how to Position size.
  • Techniques of Arbitrage and Hedging using Futures and options.
  • Concepts of Margin and Exposure in futures and options market.
  • Pricing of Futures and Options.
  • Concepts of time decay and theta of an option.
  • 2 legged Option strategies and its benefits.
  • Use of Volatility strategies to benefit from big market moves.
  • Calculation of Option payoffs from each strategy.
  • Use of Spreads and Combinations in Option trading.
  • Positional techniques in futures trading.
  • How to read premium and discount in futures pricing.
  • Cost of Carry model for futures pricing.
  • Expectation model of futures pricing.
  • Understanding of In the money, At the money and Out of the money options.
  • Understanding the techniques of Calendar spread using Options expiring for different months.
  • Implementation of these strategies even to Commodity, currency and stock options.
  • Hedging of futures positions through options and vice versa.
  • Clear understanding of Option Greeks like Delta, Theta, Gama, Vega and Rho and its practical application.
  • How to do intraday trade in futures and options.


  • Derivatives, Commodity and Currency markets demystified.
  • Future pricing.
  • Margins and Exposure in futures trading.
  • Future trading strategies.
  • Option markets.
  • Option types – Calls and Puts.
  • ITM, ATM and OTM option to understand strikes prices.
  • Intrinsic Value and Time Value in options.
  • Strike price and Expiry timing in Options.
  • Option writing for fixed profits of 3.5% on an average every month.
  • Black Scholes and Binomial Option pricing.
  • 5 Option strategies.
  • One, two and three legged option strategies.
  • Option Greeks: Delta, Theta, Gama, Vega and Rho.
  • Use of Put call ratio for Option study.
  • Use of Price and Open interest action for futures and Option trading.
  • Intraday trading in futures and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

COURSE DATES:  25th, 26th August 2018

COURSE TIME: 9am to 6pm.



Actually what you pay for the course is FREE!



  • Study material, Lunch & Course venue worth Rs.25,000/-
  • Meet CA Rudramurthy 1on1 and discuss your financial freedom plan worth Rs.10,000/-
  • 1 month FREE handholding worth Rs.25,000/-
  • FREE 5 friends addition to Whatsapp group along with you for 1month for group learning.
  • FREE account Opening with Vachana.


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Special Further Discount of Rs.9,999/- to:

  • Women Participants.
  • Senior Citizen.
  • Defence Personnel.
  • College Students.
  • Additional family participant.
  • Previous participants of CA Rudramurthy sir programs.
  • Vachana Clients.

Note: Proof of above shall be made through a valid identity card and the decision of Vachana Management on this regard is FINAL.


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By the afternoon of first day of the program after LUNCH (Your Lunch cost is also ours), if you don’t find VALUE in our program, take complete course fee back (Except GST paid for Government) without any questions asked.


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CA Rudramurthy B.V. is a chartered accountant and a holder of 5 master degree in the area of finance and control. He is the Research head of Vachana Investments Pvt ltd, who are direct members of National stock exchange and Depository Participants of CDSL. His quotes on markets are often referred by Wallstreet Post, Money control, Reuters Poll, Bloomberg wire, Economic times, Business today, and many more. He comes regularly in CNBC TV18, ETNOW, BTVI, TV9, Public TV and many more channels as guest speaker expressing his views on Investments and financial areas.